Cell Mogrify is open to partnering with life science companies to license, acquire, or for joint development of novel protocols for cell reprogramming. We are world leaders in the development of efficient and complete human cell conversions. Using our proprietary systems and next-generation sequencing data from your cell types of interest we can develop or enhance your reprogramming pipeline to achieve maximum yield and cellular quality.

For partnering requests, please contact Prof. Julian Gough (Founder and CEO)

We have development interests in the following cell types: Astrocytes, Keratinocytes, Cardiomyoctes, Corneal epithelium, HSCs, RPE, Hepatocyte, Hair follicle dermal papilla cells, Cochlea Hair Cells, Adipocytes, Podocytes, Neurons, B cells, Memory T-cells, Monocytes/Macrophages, Pericytes, Chondroblasts, Beta cells, Ameloblasts and Corneal stem cells